About Us

Our Story: The Short Version

In 1980 our US military switched its entire food ration program over to an exciting new technology, the full moisture MRE pouch (the food within the pouch is not dried or freeze dried; it contains the full moisture of “just cooked” food).

In 1983, our company began, with a single clear purpose.

Having just discovered the versatile full moisture pouches of the military MRE ration program, we decided we would deliver these rations to American citizens for non-military uses. We would turn “swords into ploughshares” so to speak, by bringing military food rations, designed for war, to the public for a variety of civilian purposes- camping, hiking, emergency preparation and more.

We started and continue a smorgasbord for full moisture MRE pouches, with MRE Full Meals and various kits and combinations of MRE ration components. You can buy pieces by the pouch or the case.

That’s our story…

Our Story: The Long Version

In 1983, contract overruns of the new military MRE pouches were piling up at manufacturing plants like Green Giant and Hormel. With the government needs for the rations met, these extra pouches were up for grabs.

However, nobody seemed to want the new “ugly duckling” pouches. The plain and kind of ugly green military packaging was not in sync with the flashy packaging and marketing of the food industry. And, the innovative new pouches were an unknown quantity to those who were used to relying on metal cans for their full moisture, long shelf life food.

Everyone from grocery stores to restaurants rejected the green military food pouches. They were even considered too unattractive to be served in food kitchens for the homeless!

Highly nutritious and beautifully designed, high tech food pouches with a much longer than normal shelf life, were headed for the landfill!

But, we spotted a place where these ugly ducklings would fit right in. Away from war, away from the military, and away from the constraints of the mainstream food industry, we bought up the available MRE pouches and offered them to regular people (civilians) with rugged, but peaceful interests.

We believed that outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and hikers alike, would appreciate the true value of these pouches as a tasty and convenient outdoor mealtime solution, despite their plain design.

We also knew that during tough times like natural disasters and other emergencies, the MRE would be the perfect supply to have on hand because of the extended shelf life and because they are full-moisture, full-flavor, and ready to eat.

So in 1983, we began building the first and only MRE Smorgasbord, and with that, we pioneered the Civilian MRE Industry! We built a one-stop shopping center for MRE Pouches and Full Meals that evolved from a printed mail-order catalog into a complete, user-friendly website in 2002.

For over 12 years we ran our Buffet of Meals-Ready-to-Eat Full Meals, with all their parts and pieces.  What a great run we had, with hundreds of thousands of customers and orders and very few problems!  But, then…

In 2015, we were forced into a chapter 7 bankruptcy situation, in which we lost our building, the owner’s home, and some of our key assets.  Our owner had to live in a military container in a cold warehouse for several months, in order to start over with a different kind of company, keeping the Long Life Food Depot name.

Now the new company is up and running, working as an Affiliate or Associate of Amazon.com.

Long Life Food Depot is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

For over 32 years… we have provided a continuous supply (except for a few months to reorganize at the end of 2015) of MRE pouches and MRE Full Meals to campers, hunters, fishermen, survivalists, adventurers, relief groups, government feeding agencies, and more.

For over 32 years… we have been at the forefront of MRE appreciation and promotion, and have helped to turn an ugly duckling product into a superior brand name!

Our customers recognize that it’s what’s inside that counts, and they know what’s inside the ugly green MRE pouch:

Food that …

is full moisture and full flavor, is ready to eat and easy to serve.  Food that  has a longer shelf life than usual, is made from the highest quality ingredients, contains higher protein and energy than usual, is portable, fast and convenient.

MRE’s are what we do and what we have been doing for the past 32 years. We’ve provided Great Customer Service and the Best and Fastest Shipping available, so that you can make the most of your MRE experience!

Simple Purpose

Our company purpose, born in 1983, has remained simple and consistent:

We strive to provide the world’s best virtual MRE buffet. That’s all.  With our new partnership with Amazon.com, nothing has changed about our purpose.

Our beautifully ugly Green Pouches with the long shelf life are the stars on display in our smorgasbord, which hosts a wide selection of MRE parts and pieces in addition to traditional MRE Full Meals.

The smorgasbord first existed in printed paper catalogs. Later, our MRE smorgasbord leaped onto the Internet, where it found a natural home.  Now it has leaped onto Amazon.com where it will grow and grow.

We believe our longlifefood.com smorgasbord to be the most user-friendly, the best stocked (for many years, and again soon), and the best serviced on the planet, with fast shipping and the quantity discounts that come with the larger case selections.

Its a simple purpose, which has kept us challenged and happy for over 32 years!

Future Humans

“Sending Real Food to Your Real Future”

Humans don’t need much to get them to the future: Food, Water, Shelter…

We’ll help with the food. Our customers have the edge on survival with long shelf-life food on hand.

With our full moisture pouched food rations, our customers are equipped to brave the outdoors, survive emergencies and disasters, and prepare themselves for the future and all it might hold.

Our food is meant to help our customers be READY when regular food supplies are diminished or are inaccessible. These conditions may be brought on intentionally, by planning a trek through the Appalachians or camping out in the woods… Or, nature can impose with earthquakes, blizzards, hurricanes or tornadoes… Or, the need for an extra food supply could be brought on by the world’s economic and political climate.

Whatever the cause, when the short shelf-life food isn’t around, you will be ready with our long shelf-life, full moisture food. Our MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) will be ready and waiting to get you through the rough times, so you and yours can make it to the future.