MRE Chicken, Egg Noodles and Vegetables

The real Chicken, Egg Noodle and Vegetables MRE Entree is a genuine part of the official MRE Ration Program. It has been manufactured as a result of an official production contract awarded with exact specs and high quality standards.

Descriptions from Around the World

See what our customers past and present have said about the Chicken, Egg Noodle and Vegetables since the first time it was featured on our MRE Smorgasbord:

“…my pouch had nice chunks of dark and white meat, and good looking noodles. It was very colorful with carrots, mushrooms, green beans and more…It tastes like one of my old favorites from the early 1990’s-MRE Chicken Ala King, which also had a thick white sauce. It didn’t have noodles, though, and for that reason I like this modern Chicken and Noodles with Vegetables better…”

“…it is now confirmed, at least with my 3 girls, that MRE Chicken, Noodles and Vegetables is KID FRIENDLY, along with Chili Mac, Sloppy Joe Filling, Taco Filling and other simple ones… of course, the longer the camping trip or the power outage lasts, the more appreciated they are…”

“…I thought it tasted a little better than the brand name canned Chicken and Noodles…I didn’t even need to add my normal taste booster, Tabasco Sauce…”

“…I was worried that there would be more vegetables than noodles or meat!…as it turned out, the MRE Chicken and Noodles did come with a little of everything from the plant world, it seemed….lots of nice colorful vegetable bits. Luckily, they didn’t overwhelm the simple, delicious chicken, pasta and sauce combination- they added that healthy-tasting balance and gave the eye a nice balance of colors ….oh, and the sauce was thick and sort of down-home-style…”