MRE Chicken Pesto Pasta

The Chicken Pesto Pasta MRE Entree is a genuine part of the official MRE Ration Program.  It has been manufactured as a result of an official production contract awarded with exact specs and high quality standards.

Descriptions from Around the World

See what our customers past and present have said about the Chicken Pesto Pasta since the first time it was featured on our MRE Smorgasbord:

“…this main dish has a strong energizing flavor! If you are a fan of pesto and garlic you will definitely enjoy it…”

“…..I found the MRE Chicken Pesto Pasta very pleasant – I liked the nice chunks of chicken which were plentiful, and had a good taste and texture…I noticed that the pesto added a happy extra dimension to the rest of the dish…”

“…Of course the Chicken Pesto Pasta from a pouch was not exactly “fine dining,” but it was close enough for me to close my eyes and imagine civilization, though I was miles and miles away from it, on my trek…”

“…I had read a review which said the MRE chicken Pesto Pasta pouch “opens to the delicious smell of a hot pesto sandwich, with notes of basil and garlic pervading the senses”…So, I bought a few samples in my last order to Long Life Food Depot and my buddy and I gave them a try… the reviewer was right when he said “the first bite is pure magic – it came with big chunks if white chicken, little noodles and lots of chunky sauce”…Please keep this one in stock until I have a chance to stock up on these myself…”

“…I like the way the MRE Program keeps coming up with new items like the Chicken Pesto Pasta – there have been over 250 new items tried since it started, and only the popular ones stay in the menus…I am grateful these high-tech pouches are available to civilians like me…”